Practical Ways to be Wealthier

In our complex world of financial options and endless possibilities it is really no wonder that people get confused. This can often lead to decisions which have undesirable or unfortunate consequences. How to be Wealthier? KISS One of the key principles which is as old as the hills is ‘keep it simple stupid’ (KISS). In [...]

Celebrate New Year Resolutions – Use Them Wisely

Did you blink over the holidays and wonder where they went? Christmas probably passed and before you could turn around you may have missed all the fun as it whizzed by you. We seem to travel through time so rapidly these days. When we get to the New Year we tend to extend celebrations within [...]

2016 – Markets, Economies, Currencies – Where to Next

One of the most significant events of 2015 came late and was well past all expectations in terms of timing. The American Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) made a Federal Reserve (Fed) base rate revision up by 0.25%. This has sparked mixed reactions and created expectations, both good and bad, around the globe. Although the [...]

The Practicalities of Property

Last time we discussed different property investments. See ‘A Different View of Property Investment‘. Now let’s look at a practical example. Gordon is a 38 year old professional expat who is likely to stay abroad for his entire career. Married with two children he is thinking about their tertiary education which will start in 15 [...]

A Different View of Property Investment

Property is generally seen as very secure investment. But are you aware that property investment can be used in some enterprising ways to achieve multiple financial goals simultaneously, at little to no cost to you as the investor? It just takes a little ingenuity to make this happen. Very often expats see property investment as [...]

Global Markets – A House Of Cards?

Global economies along with global markets are looking more like a ‘house of cards’ as time progresses. Or are the cards held in place by glue; or is it bricks painted to look like cards? What happened in China over the last year? If you look at the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) equity index, as [...]

Do You Have a Will?

If you have not already made a Will, you should. If you do not have a Will, you may be putting the distribution of your assets and the guardianship of your children at risk. If you do not make a Will and you die you are said to die intestate. The distribution of your estate [...]

Domicile, Residence and Probate

Many expats have conflicting views of the difference between domicile and residence. Some think they are easily interchangeable, not realising the impact this may have when they die. The vast majority do not understand that probate will have a significant effect on the administration of their estate. Whether you like it or not, your domicile [...]

Using Trusts to Protect You and Your Beneficiaries

Is it possible to manage your ongoing financial affairs successfully and still make use of trusts to protect you and your ultimate successors? The simple answer here is yes. Many expats believe that they don’t belong in the world of trusts and often have a rude awakening when they fail to implement adequate provisions for [...]

Financial Planning and the Practical Use of Trusts

Last time we looked at why many expats consider trusts as vehicles to assist them in a number of ways (here). Today we delve deeper into the practical use of trusts as efficient financial planning solutions and in doing so pose the question “Are they perfect for everyone?” In our example, George is a British [...]