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Domicile, Residence and Probate

Many expats have conflicting views of the difference between domicile and residence. Some think they are easily interchangeable, not realising the impact this may have when they die. The vast majority do not understand that probate will have a significant effect on the administration of their estate. Whether you like it or not, your domicile [...]

Using Trusts to Protect You and Your Beneficiaries

Is it possible to manage your ongoing financial affairs successfully and still make use of trusts to protect you and your ultimate successors? The simple answer here is yes. Many expats believe that they don’t belong in the world of trusts and often have a rude awakening when they fail to implement adequate provisions for [...]

Financial Planning and the Practical Use of Trusts

Last time we looked at why many expats consider trusts as vehicles to assist them in a number of ways (here). Today we delve deeper into the practical use of trusts as efficient financial planning solutions and in doing so pose the question “Are they perfect for everyone?” In our example, George is a British [...]

Modern Succession Planning

Do you want to comprehensively protect your assets from potential predators? Trusts are one of the least understood forms of asset protection and yet they are often so simple. Attitudes to the use of trusts are beginning to change for many expats. Some expats misunderstand the concept of trusts and how their succession planning could benefit [...]

The Business of Living Life as an Expat

Expats living abroad are often surprised at the effort required to effectively manage their affairs. Those of us who have expatriated from our home countries have usually not emigrated in a single step. Many resolve not to go back to live in their home country if they can help it. Falling into three categories, the [...]

Underlying Costs of Adult Children?

Children are expensive. We hear this all the time from any parent of any child. There is no getting away from the fact that if you start a family your life changes in almost every way. For many upper most on their minds are the facts that their social lives will transform to something new; [...]

Do You Have Adequate Retirement Reserves?

Following the last Net Worth article “Boom or Bubble?” a number of readers asked questions about their personal situations and whether they had adequate retirement reserves. Much of this stemmed from the concern that, if there is a bubble which is going to burst, they may be personally affected quite severely. This gives rise to [...]

A Boom or A Bubble?

The world seems to be in a state of fervor with appreciating investment assets. Could the apparent nascent of global economic recovery be disrupted by mere interest rate rises or even geopolitical threats? On the one hand everything appears to be chugging along very nicely in the boom. However, there are other influencing aspects which many opt to [...]

US Citizens Take Note: FATCA Has Landed

The implementation of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is now upon us and so how will this affect you if you are an American citizen? Effective 1 July 2014, FATCA rules have been implemented. Financial institutions worldwide are now obliged to report information to the USA Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about financial accounts [...]

Risk vs Return – What to do Next?

Yield investors beware! Are we talking bond yields or equity yields? How different are these two scenarios? Reader feedback from the last two articles on investing principles seems to have hit a raw nerve. There is clearly a broad difference of opinions in where to be invested, whether portfolios should be split between bonds and [...]