“For Your Own Good” Tax

The economics of living our everyday lives can be painfully cruel to most people, from a financial perspective. Yet we often fall victim, along with everyone else, to the realities that we do things because they are for our own good rather than actually making practical sense. I recently read that dentists actually do not [...]

A Different View of Property Investment

Property is generally seen as a very secure investment. But are you aware that property can be used in some enterprising ways to achieve multiple financial goals simultaneously, at little to no cost to you as the investor? It just takes a little ingenuity to make this happen. Very often expats see an investment in [...]

UK Budget and the Expat

The recently announced UK budget has raised a number of eyebrows. Initial responses are mixed, with perceived tax disadvantages and pension advantages, so what do the changes really mean for the expat? UK Budget: Taxation Taking the taxation side of things first, there are some changes in the UK budget which look bad but when [...]

Is FATCA Just For Fat Cats? US Expats Beware

We are on the cusp of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) implementation. If you are a US expat what does that mean for you? All institutions, on a global basis, are imminently going to be required to report any US citizen’s account where the value exceeds USD200,000 at year-end for non-resident expats. That [...]

Essential Insurance Planning

Hoping for the best is not the same as planning for the worst. Making provisions for eventualities that could happen to you personally is a very serious business. Some expats feel immune and above any situation which would create financial havoc in their lives, thinking ‘it will never happen to me’. Others, the smart ones, [...]

Insurance: Personal Protection You Should Have

Many expats sincerely believe that mishaps and accidents will never happen to them. It is only when an individual becomes the victim of a life changing event and witnesses the devastation it can cause that they realize and accept this actually happens to people – real people. With this in mind what emphasis should you [...]

A Different View of Property Investments

Property is a very popular long term investment. This is because many expats own their home in their country of origin as part of their ongoing life. Because of these experiences it gives investors a degree of comfort which is further helped by property’s visible and physical presence. What expats often overlook are the differences [...]

Will Digital Currencies Catch On?

Are digital currencies such as Bitcoin a financial craze or a serious alternative to fiat currencies? Should expats shy away from them or begin learning to use them? Developments currently point to an uncertain future. Besides Bitcoin, there are eight other reasonably sized digital currencies in the world. In terms of overall value, Bitcoin is [...]

A Brand New Year or Just Another Day?

Every year we enter a new era in some people’s eyes. This is perhaps an opportunity to begin anew? We make New Year resolutions which we feel will improve our lives and the things where we personally feel we have been lacking in the previous year. We also somehow expect the world at large to [...]

Was 2013 as Bad as We Feared?

The year of the Snake, 2013, has been mixed in many ways. We have witnessed some unexpected surprises whilst certain expectations have not come to fruition. Will this uneven trend continue into 2014 and beyond? Here is a recap of current trends and a look ahead. Bonds Bond funds have had their worst year in [...]